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Three ways to make your next virtual event more enjoyable for everyone.

Miss the days when you would get together after work and celebrate a job well done with co-workers? Or maybe, you wish you could take the new person out to lunch to meet the team? Thankfully Good to gather has some thoughts (and services) for celebrating with your co-workers in a fun and enjoyable way for all!

We recently hosted a "fun hour" for the enrollment & admissions team at CUNY (CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK) where we played trivia, had some laughs, and people won some prizes. Like so many others the team has been working remotely for over a year and deserves a celebration for their collective effort and success of making it though the year.

Follow these three simple principles for hosting your next work event:

Make it real. Or at least part of it.

Chances are you and your team have done A LOT of virtual hang outs. Theme happy hours, got ya burned out? That's OK. Us, too. For now, virtual is here to stay in some capacity, but that doesn't mean we can't have real elements to our virtual hangs. Incentives are great, as long as they're tangible.

The event with CUNY offered participants a chance to win three digital gift cards that were sent directly to the trivia winners' email. If you want to go even more personalized, or your budget fits it, spring for a care package; this woman-owned company, Happy Box Store, has a corporate option built into their business model.

Break it up.

During my time in advertising, I often attended professional workshops, and I always got the most out of it when we broke into smaller groups. Extroverts get tired of hearing from the same extroverts, too! If the team is very large, consider using a "break-out room" dedicated for each individual team, platforms like Zoom have this built into their premium features.

For CUNY, the main event was a custom-designed trivia game hosted by Trivia Maker. The platform is designed for virtual trivia, making it easier for people to feel like they're at real-life pub-quiz, minus the cold mozzarella sticks.

Invest in enjoyment.

It's harder to enjoy something when you're focused on making sure the tech is working and that all are participating. Ensure that everyone, gets to enjoy the time.

The time with CUNY was dedicated to enjoyment. We opened with an ice-breaker, which helped set the tone. Then we played the game "two-truths and a lie", which is a great way for recently added team members to learn about others. The entire session was well-received by the team, and most importantly it got them away from their "at their desk" mentality.

Whether you manage a team, or are a member of one, a "break for fun" might be what y'all need! Good to gather can plan and organize one that's right for your team and enjoyable for everyone.

Options starting at $150 for a 60 min session. Contact for more info.

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