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5 Tips for Making Your Next Outdoor Gathering More Enjoyable for Everyone

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Sunshine and fresh air, the perfect backdrop for any gathering. To keep guests happy and make getting together more enjoyable for everyone, use these tips for your next outdoor gathering. Here at Good to Gather we love a park picnic, and no matter how big or small, we're happy to plan it all for you. Contact for more info.

1. Create a fun (and simple) invitation

I find that a flyer-style announcement sent around in group text is enough to make feel more formal than a "group hang." If you want to put a little style into your next gathering try using Canva (a personal favorite), they have hundreds of free templates to use, simply change the text and ta-dah! You're having an official par-tay.

2. Set up an ambiance

Items like extra blankets, cushions or poofs are essential for guest seating, and don't forget extra napkins, plates and utensils. I love to have extra koozies, cloth napkins, for an elevated touch, and sharpies - for writing names on plates or cup. If your regular speaker system (or laptop) won't cut it for the outdoor hang, I recommend the small yet powerful Tribit Bluetooth speaker, it's under $40 and well worth it.

3. Prepare the right playlist

Now that you have your set up and speaker - get your playlist ready! I'm a big proponent of Spotify - they even have a playlist meant for a picnic. Free version comes with ads, but the premium account is the way to go. Make sure the playlist has a mix of what everyone likes, throw in a couple songs everyone knows with ones that you enjoy, but keep the tempo steady. Save your avant-garde tastes for another time and give the people what they want - Prince, Elvis, The Supremes and James Brown!

4. Remember the sunscreen and bug spray

As someone who is a mosquito magnet, I appreciate having bug spray available when I'm at an outdoor event. I'll let you all decide what kind of bug spray is best for you, but a great alternative to spray is Thermacell Patio Shield, a mosquito repellent system that creates a 15-foot "invisible shield," and it's cordless, lightweight and only needs cartridge refills. We have one and it works! Also, don't forget the sunscreen.

5. Encourage activities and play

Not everyone loves Frisbee, but it's the easiest way to get up and move when you have lots of space. If you can swing it, corn hole is a lot of fun, but I also recommend a kite, paddle ball or a good ol' fashion game of cards. When conversation gets slow or people look like they're bored, encourage a little play.

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