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Five tips for making a weekend getaway easier and more enjoyable, for everyone.

When it comes to planning a weekend trip some people love to book the place to sleep, pack their bag, and go! Good to gather believes that a little extra planning goes a LONG way for making trips easier and more enjoyable, whether it's a solo trip or group gathering.

Looking for some help planning a weekend away? Good to Gather services offer full-proof weekend plans starting at $150 - including venue booking, food planning and an e-guide on local activities and attractions.

Keep the drive around 2.5 hours.

There's nothing worse than spending half of your vacation getting to your vacation. Try and pick a place that's less drive time than the movie Titanic. If you think of it in miles, it's about 110 miles -keep that in mind when booking remote hotels or vacation homes.

Do (a little) research before you book.

Not a ton of research, but if you like art galleries, trying new kinds of food, and the occasional nature hike, you may not love staying in a town that only has a gas station, trading post and a liquor store. This list has a great options for those in the NYC area.

Do a quick search to see if there's anything that draws tourism into the town - things like golf courses, winery/distillery/brewery, large antique stores, fishing, hiking, etc. This can guide you on where to stay (or avoid) based on your interests.

Accommodations are increasingly pet-friendly, but make sure you check before you book if there's an additional fee. Bring Fido, specializes in pet-friendly travel options.

Plan ONE activity a day (and have options).

Having a single thing to do in a day creates a enough structure for those who need it, and something to look forward to those who are more relaxed.

Depending on the weather you might want to have a back-up plan. If you're traveling with others this can provide a signal that it's "social time" so everyone can plan accordingly.

Make "quiet time" part of each day.

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, ensure there is enough space for introverts and extroverts alike - personally I love it and I'm extroverted. You can offer guests independent activities for this time like puzzles, coloring books, or this magical Paint by Sticker Masterpieces - activity book with over 50 masterpieces to create. If nothing else, may I offer you nap time!

Don't do the dishes (at least one night).

Don't feel like cooking? Of course not, you're on vacation! Feeding yourself is hard enough, make it easier on you and everyone in your group by ordering in at least once. Try a local pizza shop, diner (breakfast for dinner!) or BBQ spot for a delightful break from doing dishes on vacation.


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