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5 tips for hosting a plastic-free kids party.

If you've been to a kids party lately you know there's still A LOT of plastic non-sense that is still given away. Maybe those 15 glow sticks your kid came home with are fun, but they'll end up in the landfill for the next 50 years. Good to gather offers a few tips for making your next kid-friendly event a eco-friendly one.

These ideas can we executed by Good to gather with any of our plastic-free kids party packages.

1. Skip the balloons & up-cycle your crafts

Balloons create environmental waste and can endanger wildlife if released outside. Since we all have tons of cardboard from all those packages we've been ordering, there's potential to use sturdy paperboard to create forts, decorations or even musical instruments like below.

2. Make some decorations edible

Turn candy into fun faces or make edible "dirt cakes" for guests - however you play with your food is up to you. Remember it's going to get eaten anyway.

3. Think playful yet practical.

Themed party packs are easy, but they create unwanted waste and contribute to the ongoing issue of single-use plastics. Instead, try having your kids help you think of what decorations might be cool to make yourselves. Trees, rainbows and simple animal shapes can all be made from craft paper. Animal masks can be easily made from free patterns found online.

4. Give them something to make & take

Tired of receiving (or giving) party favor bags? We think it's OK to ditch the party favors in lieu of something more sustainable, like a hand-made bracelet, face painting/washable tattoos, or a personalized picture/drawing. I've seen parties where they have kids take home plants, but I understand if you don't want to send parents home with something else to take care of. Ha.

5. Order local and less than you think

Consider local bakeries over big-box stores for birthday cakes. There seems to always be leftover cake, so even if you size down the cake you could offer alternative sweets like rice krispies or cookies.

These ideas and more are part of the core services offered with any Good to Gather kids party package.

As always, until next time.


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